After 11 weeks of training, interviews, and a big flowery ta-doo, the Peace Corps staff finally announced our new assigned sites.  I was hoping for the green hillsides of the Sierra highlands and I got my wish.  I am moving to the city of Ibarra in the northern Ecuadorian province of Imbabura. 
Alex (Texas), Elias (Seattle), Kendall (Texas), Rachel (California) and I are all going to be neighbors and English teachers for various communities of the Imbabura Province. I’m lucky to share this site with some of my favorite fellow volunteers!
Ibarra is a colonial city (population 140,000) with a lot of spanish influence.  I’m going to enjoy the relaxed feel of its tree lined plazas, Colonial architecture and European style cafes.  It’s only about two hours north of Quito, but because its elevation is only at 7,300 feet high, it will be a little
warmer throughout the year.  Bonus:  It’s latitude is still considered 0 degrees, so I’ll officially be living at the Equator during my two years of Peace Corps service. 
This is Lucy!  A single mom and my Cooperating English Teacher at the high school where I’ll be working.  She has agreed to host me in her home for at least my first six months.  Lucy is from a big family here in Ibarra, loves to be active and is patient with my Spanish.  I think we’re going to get along fabulously!
This is Lucy’s home, high up on the hills on the outskirts of Ibarra. 
This will be my view of the city of Ibarra, the valley and Lucy’s neighborhood.
Volcan Imbabura looms in the distance out my bedroom window.
I’m going to climb this mountain before my service is complete! 

Stay tuned for more pictures of Ibarra. 
I am permanently moving there after our graduation and Swear-In to Peace Corps service tomorrow!