It’s official, after 11 weeks of training, and 28 years of dreaming about this moment, I promised to serve my country 
in the spirit of peace and service to all.  
On April 3, 2018, I swore-in as a 
United States Peace Corps Volunteer!
Michael Donald, our Country Director, giving a speech
Martha Aquirre from our Omnibus, speaking for our group

Taking the Pledge

We pledged our service to the United States and the people of Ecuador in both English and Spanish.  What an honor!

Thank you to President Kennedy for starting this amazing program.
With my old friend, and Ecuador Country Director, Michael Donald
With the US Ambassador Todd Chapman, and my host Mother, Amparo Alvarez
Graduating Members of Peace Corps Ecuador Omnibus 119
(That’s the 119th Peace Corps Group serving Ecuador)
After graduation, we packed our bags and headed off around the country ready to begin our service.  I’m going to miss seeing many of my new friends everyday, but will love hearing about their adventures over the next two years.