As our time is Peace Corps training comes to an end, the Ecuadorian Peace Corps staff have come up with so many creative ways to help us integrate into their culture. To say thank you to our families who have hosted us these 11 weeks, we created an Appreciation Day.  Many of my fellow trainees are very talented and they sang, played guitar, and acted in cultural plays.  I participated in a traditional dance with Hannah (from New Hampshire), Kendall and Alex (from Texas), and Melissa (from Florida). It took us many hours to practice for the day, but our families seemed to enjoy the nod to their traditions.

This week, I’m moving from my host family’s home.  
Thank you to Amparo and Camilita for taking care of me. 

And thank you to Jenny and Donna for helping me to laugh through it all. 
You’ve been great host cousins. 

Finally, thanks to Horacio and Lily for greeting me at the door every day, and helping me to feel welcome, too!