Peace Corps Ecuador, Omni 119 
…which means that we are the 
119th group of Peace Corps Volunteers serving Ecuador since 1962.  

We started with 38 members, and lost two almost immediately.  It’s true, twenty-seven months is a long commitment, but I know how hard I worked to get here, so I just couldn’t imagine that anybody else would leave.  But time and pressure, marriages, a divorce, exciting job offers, and medical issues for volunteers, and loved ones back home, have whittled us down to 24.
It’s so hard to watch our friends leave.
These four departures have been the hardest for me…
Be well, my friends.

Lawrence from North Carolina – such a good soul!
Megan from Chicago – what a goofball! 
Rachel from California – her laughter is contagious!
And, most recently, and of course the hardest goodbye of all, my friend Ava.  She had already served in the Peace Corps for two years in Belize and was looking forward to at least three full years here in Ecuador.  During training and through our service, Ava was a big supporter and a constant source of laughter.  I’ve spent many a weekends visiting her in Latacunga, traveling, hiking our favorite mountains, dancing at festivals, and sharing long talks with my friend.
She had to return to California this month because sometimes life, 
and elderly parents, call you home.

Ecuador is not the same without you, Ava, but I look forward to sharing more bottles of wine 
and continuing our adventures together in the years to come.