In late February, I experienced a little culture shock when I joined my US family at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico for the destination wedding of my nephew Lucas and his bride, Irais.  I hadn’t seen my US family in almost a year, and I’ve never been to the Caribbean before, much less a resort like this, 
so this trip was quite a treat for me.  
After getting so accustomed to life in Ecuador, I was surprised how fast I adapted to 
the swim-up bars to retrieve a mojito or margarita on a whim.  What a life!
My sister and I spent a whole day just pool hopping!

The wedding of course was beautiful.  It was wonderful to see how they integrated both US and Mexican customs throughout the ceremony.  I’m so lucky I was able to share this day with them.
Together with my brother Jim and my sister Julie.  
The day after the wedding, we rented a catamaran to snorkel, paddle board 
and sail to Isla Mujeres.  The green-blue waters were magical. 
Thanks to the happy couple for organizing such a wonderful event!

On the third day, my sister Julie and I wandered the markets and parks of downtown Cancun.  The artwork was amazing.

After this, I took a late-night flight and an overnight taxi to join my Ecuadorian family for their not-to-miss family celebration of Carnaval.  My re-entry into Ecuador, and specifically into a complete opposite socio-economic lifestyle, was mind-boggling.  Stay-tuned for my next posts about the traditions of Carnaval, 
and the life of their grandparents,
 in the high mountain Ecuadorian countryside.