My bags are packed, really crammed full and bursting, but I’m finally in Miami 
and ready to meet up with my cohort and then on to the Equator!

As I stand on the threshold of this new adventure, in 4 inches of fresh snow, I want to pause a moment to reflect on the long and twisting path that I took to finally fulfill my dreams of joining the Peace Corps.

Although I’ve been traveling this path for many years, in the last year of my life:  I lost my friend of 27 years,  I lost my brother, my favorite aunt, my house, and my mom.  Then, I chose to leave behind my cats (I miss them everyday!), my beloved staff and students at my school, and my 89 year old dad.

Some of you are storing boxes of my memoirs, quilts of my ancestors, or enjoying my art on your walls.
One of you has my grandfathers’ buffet; another, a cedar chest made by my dad.
One of you has my skis, another my bike, and another my camping equipment.
Many of you bought my furniture.
Some of you adopted my plants.
One of you bought my car.
All of you provided the love, support and encouragement that got me to this moment today.

Thank you, my friends.  Thank you.

I named this blog “On the Wing Adventures” because I’ve always been the type of person who “wears myself on my sleeve”.  Although, as I’ve come to realize, this character trait opens me up to the possibility of getting “bitten” from time to time, I’m happy that I am open to all the beauty, love and light the world, and it’s people, have to offer.  I wear myself on my wing intentionally, and boldly.

The title “On the Wing”, of course, also refers to the incredible metamorphosis that a butterfly experiences in their transformation from the goo of their chrysalis.  I feel my wings forming!  I’m emerging from my goo and am taking flight.  So, “On the Wing” will be a little off the cuff: incorporating my personal journey, my adventure stories, and all my new experiences I will encounter along the way.

Thanks for coming along on my journey.